Lee Ranaldo

29/05/2014, This Is Not A Love Song Festival, Nîmes - Paloma

Source : Audience

1. Waiting On A Dream
2. Ambulancer
3. Angles
4. Lecce, Leaving
5. Key/Hole
6. The Rising Tide
7. Off The Wall
8. Blackt Out


Audience->Church Audio CA-11 card->CA 9100 Preamp->Line In->
Roland R-09HR->WAV 44100Hz 16bits->Adobe Audition:
* Conversion to WAV 44100Hz 24bits
* FFT filter on some parts
* Graphic Equalizer:
* Manual clicks removal
* iZotope RXii spectral repair
* Volume adjustment
* Dynamic Compressor
* Volume
* Fades in/out
* Conversion to WAV 44100Hz 16bits
->split to CD WAV

The master recording had some issues because of a damaged cable. This resulted on many clicks and volume variations.
Some efforts have been made to fix the recording as best as we can.