Cathy Davey

20/09/2010, Paris - La Cigale

Source : Audience

1. Harmony
2. Little Red
3. The Nameless
4. Lay Your Hand
5. All Of You
6. Sing For Your Supper


Two versions of this recording:
Version 1: Audience->Chruch Audio CA-11->MIC-in->Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH1 (PCM Mode)->Sonic Stage (Hi-MD->OMA->WAV)->Adobe Audition ->CD WAV
Version 2: Audience->Roland Edirol R-09HR->WAV 44100Hz 24bits->Adobe Audition (volume:3.25%)->Keeping lower bytes->CD WAV 44100Hz 16bits->Add fades in/out

Note: Cathy also played 'Island Life' with Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy during his set.