Get Well Soon

16/03/2010, Paris - La Cigale

Source : Audience

1. Nausea + Seneca's Silence
2. People Magazine Front Cover
3. We Are Free
4. 5 Steps/7 Swords
5. A Voice In The Louvre
6. Listen! Those Lost At Sea Sing A Song On Christmas Day
7. Werner Herzog Gets Shot
8. That Love
9. If This Hat's Missing I've Gone Hunting
10. We Are Ghosts
11. A Burial At Sea
12. Tick Tack! Goes My Automatic Heart
13. Angry Young Man
14. We Are The Roman Empire
-- Gropper: "Et maintenant, le meilleur groupe au monde: Musée Mécanique!"
15. Jesus, Etc [Wilco cover feat. Musée Mécanique]
16. Help To Prevent Forest Fires
17. I Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed Me
18. Christmas In Adventure Parks


Konstantin Gropper also played on Musée Mécanique's support set (partially recorded).
And for the encore Musée Mécanique joined Get Well Soon on stage. Gropper introduced them as 'the best band in the world' but this isn't featured on the recording because of disc change.
Audience->Church Audio CA-11->Mic In->Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH1 (PCM Mode)->
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* Graphic Equalizer:
< 31Hz : -8 dB
63Hz : -5 dB
125Hz : -4 dB
250Hz : -2.5 dB
500Hz : -1 dB
* Volume: Right channel +4.35 dB
* Conversion to WAV 16bits->CD WAV