Duke Special

09/05/2007, Paris - Le Nouveau Casino

Source : Audience

1. Closer To The Start
2. Brixton Leaves
3. Wake Up Scarlett
4. Everybody Wants A Little Something
5. I Wish I Could Take It All Back
6. Ballad Of A Broken Man
7. Last Night I Nearly Died
8. Carless Heart
9. Portrait (feat. Emilie Loizeau)
10. Drink To Me Only With Thin Eyes
11. I Let You Down
12. No Cover Up
13. Salvation Tambourine
14. This Happiness Is Out Of Control
15. Something Might Happen
16. Freewheel
17. Nobody Else But You


Audience->Sony Microphone ECM-719 (Music mode)->Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH1 (PCM Mode)->Sonic Stage (Hi-MD->OMA->WAV)->Adobe Audition->Separated WAV files