Adam Green

02/07/2006, Montreux Jazz Festival, Miles Davis Hall (CD/DVD)

Source : FM/TV

CD (FM):
1. Vultures
2. Bluebirds
3. Down on the Street
4. Teddy Boys
5. Hollywood Bowl
6. The Prince's Bed
7. Bible Club
8. Friends Of Mine
9. Gemstones
10. Novotel
11. Morning after Midnight
12. Crackhouse Blues
13. Can You See Me
14. Jessica
15. Emily
16. Band Intro>Dance With Me
17. Nat King Cole
18. No Legs
19. Salty Candy
20. Hard to be A Girl
21. Over the Sunrise
22. I Wanna Die
23. Carolina
24. Interview

The Prince's Bed
Bible Club
Friends Of Mine
Morning after Midnight
Crackhouse Blues
Can You See Me
Band Intro>Dance With Me
Nat King Cole
No Legs
Salty Candy
Hard to be A Girl
Over the Sunrise