The The

19/04/2000, Amsterdam - Paradiso

Source : Audience

CD 1:
1. Boiling Point
2. Dogs of Lust
3. Voidy Numbness
4. Soul Catcher
5. Infected
6. Global Eyes
7. December Sunlight
8. This is the Day
9. Heartland
10. The Beat(en) Generation
CD 2:
11. Swine Fever
12. Band introduction
13. Armageddon Days are Here (again)
14. True Happiness this Way Lies
15. Weary Blues from Waitin'
16. The Whisperers
17. Love is Stronger than Death
18. Uncertain Smile
19. Phantom Walls
20. Salt Water


Matt Johnson - vocals, guitar
Eric Schermerhorn - guitar, backing vocals
Spencer Campbell - bass, backing vocals
Earl Harvin - drums, harmonium

Lineage: K7 Gen Unknown>Marantz Stereo Double Cassette Deck SD555 > Creative SoundBlaster Connect Analogue in> USB> Computer> Audacity recording in WAV - 96 kHz / 24 bit Wave>conversion to CD WAV

There's tiny drops outs in a lot of songs. The recording comes from a tape traded back then and these drops are already there. Likely these are mostly due to movements of the taper during the showtape. Track 13 is the one which suffers most with this issue. Drops are most noticed on tracks 07, 08, 11, and 13.