Epic Soundtracks

13/05/1994, Toulouse - 24h de l'INSA

Source : Audience

1. Everybody Else Is Wrong
2. Tonight's The Night
3. Fallen Down
4. Waiting For The Train
5. Meet Me On The Beach
6. There's A Rumour
7. (thank you)
8. Hear The Whistle Blow
9. I Don't Know
10. She Sleeps Alone
11. (interview for Strangulation)


Audience->Siemens RM 838->Master cassette->1st (?) gen copy
->Nakamichi DR-1 (azimuth adj. track by track)->Thomson/Hama Scenium KD4112 cable->Roland Edirol R-09HR
->WAV 48000Hz 24bits->Adobe Audition:
* Manual clicks removal
* Hiss Reduction
* Volume adjustments
* Conversion to 44100Hz 16bits
->split to CD WAV