Psychic TV

08/04/1994, Eugene - WOW Hall

Source : Soundboard

1. Intro
2. Breathe
3. Stations Ov Thee Cross


Released on cassette by The Institute For Thelemic Culture. Complete recording (1h30) of the performance released as the 'Breathe' album (1h05 only).

Cassette Release
->Nakamichi DR-1 (azimuth adj.)->Thomson/Hama Scenium KD4112 cable->Roland Edirol R-05
->WAV 96000Hz 24bits->Adobe Audition:
* Manual clicks removal, drop fixes
-> iZotope RX 5: hiss reduction:
-> Adobe Audition CC 2017:
* speed correction
* volume adjustments, normalization
* Conversion to 44100Hz 16bits