These Immortal Souls

19/03/1988, Los Angeles - Park Plaza Hotel

Source : Audience

1. Blood & Sand She Said
2. Hide
3. These Immortal Souls
4. Hey! Little Child
5. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)
6. I Ate The Knife
7. Some Velvet Morning
8. Swing For The Crime [Saints]
9. Get Lost (Dont't Lie!)
10. One In Shadow, One In Sun
11. Down On The Street [The Stooges]


TCD5+ECM990-F>Maxell XLII-S c90 master cassette>WAV (44.1/16bit)

Rowland S. Howard - guitar, vocals
Harry Howard - bass
Genevieve McGuckin - keyboards
Epic Soundtracks - drums