Sonic Youth

25/05/1986, Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg

Source : Audience

1. Marylin Moore
2. The world looks red
3. Shadow of a doubt
4. Starpower
5. Death to our friends
6. Tom Violence
7. White kross
8. Green light
9. Brother James
10. Expressway to your skull


The 'gig-guide' wrote a 'Secret girl' between track 7/8. Not here.
Maybe lost due to tapeflip/or not played at all.
The mentioned encore of 'The burning spear' was also not on this cassette.
Vivanco em 160 micro > Sony wmd6 > TDK SA c90 mastercassette -> playback on Denon Drm800 -> (WAV 16/44)-> HD -> Audacity (edit, volume balance+boost only)