02/1977, Akron OH - Crypt

Source : Soundboard

1. Praying Hands [cut]
2. Social Fools
3. Be Stiff
4. Uncontrollable Urge
5. Secret Agent Man
6. Shrivel Up
7. The Last Time I Saw St. Louis
8. Fraulein [glitches]
9. Too Much Paranoias
10. Huboon Stomp
11. Space Junk
12. Mongoloid
13. I Think I'm Falling In Love Again
14. Soo Bawlz
15. Blockhead
16. Jocko Homo [fades]
17. The Words Get Stuck In My Throat


Defects are as noted. The glitches in "Fraulein" are pretty bad (sounds like the cables running from the soundboard to the original recorder are getting jostled), but this is the only known live recording, so it's still essential.